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What is a Plunge Pool?

You’ve heard of a plunge pool but you aren’t quite sure what it is. Is it deep? Is it cold? Is it a swim spa? Is it a dipping pool?

By definition, a plunge pool is 1) a deep basin excavated at the foot of a waterfall by the action of the falling water, or 2) a small, deep swimming pool, typically one filled with cold water and used to refresh or invigorate the body after a sauna. A private plunge pool can be all that and more. Yes, it is a deep body of water, but you can heat yours to any temperature you like. Enjoy a cold plunge? Keep it cold! Like the heat? Maintain temperatures from 80° to 100°F all year round. Want to exercise in your pool? A simple swim tether or aquatic weight system can transform your plunge pool into a private fitness center.

Why install your own private plunge pool? Many luxury resorts offer private plunge pools to their guests- a trend that is growing increasingly popular at high-end destinations. Travelers pamper themselves and enjoy basking in deep water. But what about when you return home? If you love the plunge pool experience, installing a plunge pool in your yard is a small investment to enjoy this luxury at your own home all year long. Soake Pools has made purchasing and installing a plunge pool more affordable for homeowners by building and tiling the pools before they are delivered and by providing a pre-plumbed equipment pad. Contact us to learn more about our beautiful plunge pools!

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