Soake Pools:
New England’s Original Plunge Pool

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Soake Pools is a family-owned-and-operated business, located in the heart of New England. Since 2014, we’ve been manufacturing Soake Pools with an unwavering attention to detail and quality, and the personal touch our customers deserve.

We first fell in love with plunge pools while traveling on vacation, and knew immediately that we wanted to bring this bit of luxury to our home. However, we soon discovered that there was no affordable, high-quality option for plunge pools in our area. So we developed our own manufacturing process, designed to meet the rigors of New England’s climate.

Today, we proudly offer our revolutionary pre-cast pools to all those seeking the many benefits of plunge pools — and a spa-like experience in their own backyard. Start designing yours today!

— Karen and Brian Larson

Soake Pools
Concord, NH