Small pools.
Big benefits.®

Soake® Pools are revolutionary, space-saving plunge pools that combine the best of a pool and a hot tub, can be installed in just days, and provide year-round enjoyment. Constructed in New England, our highly engineered precast concrete pools are delivered fully finished on the inside with beautiful porcelain tile.

Soake Pools’ smaller size means less water is required than a traditional pool, making them a more environmentally friendly choice, and less expensive to heat in the colder months.

We are drawn to water. We want to be in it, on it or around it.  The water in your plunge pool creates a gathering space, beautiful reflections and a zen-like experience.

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Water is life's matter and matrix, mother and medium.
There is no life without water.

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The Best of a Pool and a Hot Tub in One
All Year-Round

Cool in the summer and warm in the winter—Soake Pools offer the therapeutic health benefits of a cold-water plunge pool and those of a hot tub—offering year-round enjoyment. From muscle recovery to stress reduction, performing low-impact aerobic exercise or simply relaxing after a long day, your Soake Pool is there—just steps away—every day of the year.

Private Luxury in Your Backyard
Designed to Fit Your Style

With their sleek design and materials inspired by nature, Soake Pools blend seamlessly with the beauty of any outdoor space and add a design focal point. Soake Pools come in several sizes and offer limitless tile options for the inside of your pool. Any exposed outer walls can be covered with rock, slate, tile, or other materials you choose —for just the look you want.

Start dreaming of how you’d create private luxury in your own backyard and contact us today! Our team loves to hear your vision and help you make it a reality! Choose from our variety of sizes and tile options to design a Soake Pool that fits your style perfectly.

Transform your backyard living space by bringing water into your lives! Now every backyard can enjoy waterfront living!

Soake Pools’ compact size requires less water than traditional pools, making them an eco-friendly and cost-effective choice for heating during colder months. Plus, with limited chemical requirements and an optional saltwater sanitation system, maintenance is a breeze. Spend less time maintaining your pool and more time enjoying it with Soake Pools!