America’s Original Precast Plunge Pool – Celebrating our 7th Year in Business



How Big is a Plunge Pool?

If we go back to the days of the Roman Baths, we find very large plunge pools that were intended for communal use. They were hot therapeutic still bodies of water, and people came together to bathe in the hot baths. It’s romantic to imagine gathering in the ornately column-clad pools with others, back in a time when communities bathed together. [continue reading]

How a Plunge Pool Can Make You Happier

We are constantly on a quest for happiness and well-being. We modify our diets, cut out sugar, increase exercise, and attend meditation and yoga classes. We watch our favorite comedians to laugh, host family game nights, and buy tickets to thrilling rides at amusement parks. All of these activities can help keep us happy and in good health. [continue reading]

Memories of Owning a Pool; Then and Now

You remember growing up with that big backyard pool, and all the anticipation and excitement that preceded its opening day in late-May. In New England, you relied on mother nature to cooperate during those precious weeks between May and September, hoping for lots of sun, so you could use your pool a lot; oh the stress of the weather! [continue reading]

Smaller Pool, Larger Home Value

Property Value Photo

Does a swimming pool add value to my home?

This is a hotly debated topic regardless of where you live. Swimming pools have been known to add value to a home for those looking for one, but they can also detract future buyers who are leery of the maintenance and costs associated with a pool. [continue reading]

Two Pools in One; A Plunge Pool Does Double Duty

Meet Soake® Pools, a New England based company offering a game-changing alternative to traditionally built pools. Soake Pools designed their plunge pools to offer elegance, efficiency, state of the art equipment, and easy installation at a price that is surprisingly affordable. What’s the best feature? A plunge pool satisfies two needs; it’s cool in the summer, and hot in the winter. [continue reading]

How a Plunge Pool Can Help You Disconnect from the Internet

Starry Sky PhotoWe love to post photos of ourselves, our friends, our children or even our meals. We enjoy perusing various social media to check out what our friends are doing or to find a new recipe. We grab our phones to make dinner reservations, and we sit at our computers to get the latest news and to pay our bills. At some point, we are tired of looking at screens! [continue reading]