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Why Should You Buy a Plunge Pool?

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There are so many reasons to buy a plunge pool! Here are just a few…

Plunge pools enhance the aesthetics of your backyard living space by blending in with your natural surroundings. You can customize the exterior to make a bold statement or blend in unassumingly. Their small size allows for much versatility in placement in the landscape.

Your plunge pool can be enjoyed all year long! Contrast this to the seasonal opening and closing of traditional inground pools and this may be all you need to read. Get out and enjoy starry skies on cold winter nights from your hot pool. Enjoy the sunrise and eat your breakfast poolside. Need more reasons?

Plunge pools use 80% less water than traditional large inground pools and the variable speed pumps use 80% less energy than standard pool pumps. Salt water filtration provides therapeutic clean water for you to bask in without adding pound after pound of chlorine.

If cost is a factor for you, consider the cost savings of a plunge pool. You can install a Soake plunge pool for as little as $24,000, compared to a starting price of over $45,000 for even a small custom inground pool. Now take that cost savings and invest it in the surroundings… a beautiful patio, landscaping that includes a variety of beautiful plants and ground covers, a fire pit, or maybe even some new patio furniture!

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