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Smaller Pool, Larger Home Value

Does a swimming pool add value to my home?

This is a hotly debated topic regardless of where you live. Swimming pools have been known to add value to a home for those looking for one, but they can also detract future buyers who are leery of the maintenance and costs associated with a pool.

Enter plunge pools. Plunge pools are small pools, typically 7×13 in size and 5 feet deep. They are used to cool off on a hot summer day or they can be heated in the winter and used as a way to relax in a warm body of water.

According to Michael Allen, of Allen Family Real Estate in Durham, NH, “The concept of a plunge pool has certain advantages that a standard in ground pool can’t provide; a lower price point and inexpensive maintenance. These and other factors lead me to believe that the Soake® Pool would invite more buyers to see it as a value added addition to any home. The size of the pool would allow it to be placed in smaller yards that may not accommodate a large in ground pool. The ability to heat it throughout the year could create more opportunity to enjoy it, therefore creating more value.”

Key benefits of small plunge pools:

  • Less water = few chemicals, easy cleaning and maintenance
  • Easy to install in small backyards
  • Perfect for year round use
  • Extend your backyard space living space
  • Fun for the whole family!

The next time you are considering a pool to enhance you backyard space, consider adding a plunge pool. Look for a pool that uses high quality, low maintenance materials like tile and natural stone. By adding a salt water sanitation system with high efficiency pumps and heaters you will spend more time enjoying your pool and less time maintaining it.

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