Equipment Manuals & Diagrams

America’s Original Precast Plunge Pool – Celebrating our 8th Year in Business

Soake Pools is a proud partner of Jandy. We deliver Jandy equipment with all our pools.


Jandy® VS FloPro™ 1.65 HP Pump (VSFHP165AUT)


Jandy® CS Cartridge Filter (CS150)

Pool Lights

Jandy® WaterColors Nicheless LED Lights with HydroCool Technology (JLU4C6W100)

Automation System

Jandy® AquaLink® RS Pool & Spa Automation System (RSPS4)

Salt Water System

Jandy® AquaPure® Salt Water Pool System (PLC700)

Pool Heaters

Jandy® JXi™ Pool & Spa Heater (JXI260P or JXI260N)

System Control Interface

Jandy® iAquaLink™ 3.0

Skimmer Covers

HIDE Skimmer Lids