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How a Plunge Pool Can Make You Happier

We are constantly on a quest for happiness and well-being. We modify our diets, cut out sugar, increase exercise, and attend meditation and yoga classes. We watch our favorite comedians to laugh, host family game nights, and buy tickets to thrilling rides at amusement parks. All of these activities can help keep us happy and in good health.

One of the easiest ways to promote well-being and happiness is simply to go outside. In a recent study, the International Journal of Environmental Health Research reported that spending time outside improves well-being. Time Magazine reported that spending as little as 20 minutes outdoors has been shown to lower blood pressure, heart rate and overall stress levels.

A plunge pool provides an opportunity to get outdoors all year long. In the winter months, when it can be unappealing to head outside on a winter night, a hot steamy 100 degree body of water can be just the invitation one needs to slip outside under the stars and enjoy the quiet, crisp night air. On hot summer days, instead of heading inside into air conditioned spaces, homeowners with plunge pools can cool off in cool silky salt-water. Exercise enthusiasts can enjoy a hot therapeutic soak after a cold day of skiing, or a cooling dip after a run on a hot summer day. Plunge pools can be used for swimming in place with the use of a swim tether around the waist to create the perfect level of resistance.

Whatever your passions are, and whatever makes you smile, a personal private pool will undoubtedly provide new opportunities for outdoor activity or relaxation, therefore helping to support your quest for health and happiness!


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