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Design Your Pool

America’s Original Precast Plunge Pool – Celebrating our 9th Year in Business


Select a size that’s perfect for your outdoor living space

Our most popular size is 7’x13′ rectangular. This size offers maximum space and water volume while still being small enough to be extremely efficient and easy to maintain.

However, since every site is different, we offer several sizes to fit your specific needs. Contact us for details on our size options and help determining which is the optimal size for your outdoor space.

Full Plunge
13’x7′ (ID)
13’10” x 7’10” (OD)
4’11” Depth (Int)

Medium Plunge
10’x6′ (ID)
11’x7′ (OD)
4’11” Depth (Int)

Petite Plunge
8’9″x5′ (ID)
9’9″x6′ (OD)
5′ Depth (Int)


(Hip to Be) Square Plunge
7’x7′ (ID)
7’8″x7’8″ (OD)
52″ Depth (Int)


Bench and Step Options

Select the hand-tiled bench and step options that best meets your needs:


Standard Features & Equipment

The following features and equipment are included with all of our pools:

  • Fully tiled interior, with your choice of tile from our beautiful selection of approved tiles
  • Salt water sanitation system
  • Variable Speed Pump and Filter
  • LED Pool light
  • Engineered and reinforced concrete shell
  • Single step – tiled concrete bench with single step
  • Automation- control your pool from your smart phone or computer

Call or email us to discuss your needs and receive a full price list.

Optional Features & Equipment

The following features & equipment are available as additional options:

  • Propane or Natural Gas Heater
  • Multi step- tiled concrete bench with multiple steps
  • Waterfall unit or jet fittings over bench
  • Lockable pool cover (Call us to discuss options. We can recommend our favorite covers, based on your town’s requirements.)
  • Exercise in your plunge pool- swim with resistance! We love the Static Swim system!
  • Custom tiling by quote

Please contact us for pricing on optional equipment and features listed above.

“The Soake Pool is the defining piece of our little paradise we were able to create in our backyard.”

— Angela C.