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America’s Original Precast Plunge Pool – Celebrating our 9th Year in Business

Small pools.
Big benefits.®

Soake Pools are hand tiled pre-cast concrete plunge pools that are delivered to your property ready for quick installation —saving you time, money, and the messy on-site manufacturing of a traditional pool.

Once installed, Soake Pools combine the best of a pool and a hot tub, offering year-round enjoyment. Plus their smaller size allows them to be more energy-efficient, use less water, require very few chemicals.

Contact us today and take the first step toward experiencing private luxury in your own backyard, all year round.

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15 Benefits of Owning a Soake Pool

Beautiful & Customizable Appearance

With their sleek design and materials inspired by nature, Soake Pools blend seamlessly with the beauty of any outdoor space and add a design focal point. Plus, Soake Pools offers an almost infinite choice of custom tile choices for the inside of your pool. The exposed outer walls can be covered with stone, slate, tile, or any material you choose — for just the look you want.

Lower Cost to Build

The smaller size and precast manufacturing process makes Soake Pools less expensive than building a pool on-site.

Year-Round Versatility

Soake Pools are cool in the summer and warm in the winter, designed for year-round enjoyment. It’s like having a pool and hot tub in one!

Salt Water Advantages

Soake Pools’ salt water sanitation system simplifies maintenance, requires fewer chemicals, and yields the many health & beauty benefits of salt water. From ancient civilizations to modern day, many benefits —from therapeutic effects to healthier skin— have been widely attributed to salt water soaking. We include a salt chlorine generator with every equipment package. 

Quicker & Less Disruptive Installation

Soake Pools’ precast concrete pools are available in four sizes and are delivered ready for your plumber and electrician to make their connections, resulting in a quick and easy installation.

Space Savings

Soake Pools’ small size offers more placement options and allows them to fit perfectly in small gardens, patios, or other limited outdoor spaces. In larger yards, they provide a focal point and a gathering place.

Versatile Installation Options

Soake Pools are offered in four sizes, and can be installed above ground, partially recessed, or fully recessed. Our pools are created in one monolithic pour from our own steel forms.

Health Benefits

From muscle recovery to stress reduction, Soake Pools offer the therapeutic health benefits of a cold water pool and those of a hot tub – all year round.

Great for Exercising

Soake Pools are perfect for performing low-impact aerobic exercise. Or add exercise bands for resistance training.

No Fence Required in Many Towns

The optional lockable cover eliminates the need for fence in many towns. Please consult your local code administrator to learn about the barrier requirements in your town.

Expanded Living Space

Soake Pools are an important  part and the focal point of any outdoor space. You’ll expand the living space of your home right into your backyard.

Easier Maintenance

Soake Pools’ smaller size and limited chemical requirements make them easier and less expensive to maintain.

Increased Property Value

The addition of a Soake Pool can increase the resale value of your home.

Less Water

Soake Pools’ smaller size means less water is used than a traditional pool, making them a more environmental choice, particularly in drought-affected regions.

Energy Efficiency

Less space to heat, and less chemicals required makes Soake Pools a more environmental and budget-friendly choice. Plus the variable speed pumps that come with every Soake Pool can be programed to use 80% less energy than a traditional single speed pool pump.

“It is a very relaxing experience to enjoy music and conversation during a warm soak or gentle swim without the noise of a hot tub.”

– Liz & Ben S.