Frequently Asked Questions

America’s Original Precast Plunge Pool – Celebrating our 8th Year in Business

General Questions

What is a Soake® Pool?

A Soake® Pool is a small deep pool, also known as a plunge pool. Many consider a Soake Pool a hybrid between a traditional pool and a hot tub.

What are Soake® Pools made of?

Soake® Pools are precast concrete pools. They are fully tiled on the interior upon arrival.

Does Soake® Pools have any reviews?

Certainly! Our reviews are on our Houzz page! We love our customers and the wonderful reviews they have given us!

How much does a Soake® Pool cost?

Your Soake® Pool is going to be a great addition to your backyard!  Total installed project costs can vary widely depending on a number of factors. The starting price point for a Soake Pool is $24,500. This price does not include heater, cover or other options and upgrades. Delivery, permitting and site work are also not included in this price.

Design Questions

What is the largest size available?

Our 7×13 is our largest pool. The outside dimensions of the 7×13 is 7’10” x 13’10”.

How deep are the pools?

Structural interior depth is 5’1”. Water depth is between 55”-57”.

What are the tile choices?

Our featured tile selections are listed on our Tile Choices page. We have many other custom options that we are happy to discuss!

What are the cover options?

We can offer three safety locking cover options for our pools. All three are ASTM F-1346 certified. They are shown on our Cover Options page.

Will my town require a fence?

Every town has its own rules and interpretations about pools and spas. Your town code officer can tell you what the barrier requirements for a Soake Pool will be.

Can Soake® help us decide where to put the pool?

We are happy to work with you on best placement. We also encourage you to engage with your landscape designer or installer on this topic as well.

Equipment Questions

What equipment comes with my pool?

Our package includes a variable speed pump, a cartridge filter, a salt chlorine generator, an automation panel with an app for pool control, and an LED color changing light. Gas or electric heaters are options that most people choose.

How much space does the equipment take up?

The equipment can be configured different ways, but in general, a 4’x6′ area is ample.

What size is the propane or natural gas heater?

We use a 260,000 BTU heater.

What are the power requirements for the equipment?

Your licensed electrician will make this determination, but typically 50 amps are run to the automation panel. This panel has its own electrical subpanel within it.

Delivery Questions

Can you ship anywhere in the United States?

Yes, we can ship anywhere in the US. For New England and most NY deliveries, we deliver pools on a boom truck when possible. For deliveries beyond New England and NY, we ship the pool on a flatbed and a local crane is hired to lift the pool from flatbed truck to prepared site.

How will I know if a boom truck can get into my yard?

We work closely with every customer to make this determination. When possible, we visit each site in person.

Installation Questions

Does the price include installation?

Our price includes the fully tiled Soake Pool, interior seating/steps, and all the equipment you need to operate it. It does not include on-site work.

What subcontractors will I need to hire for on-site work?

You will need subs for excavation and exterior finish work, a licensed electrician, and someone to connect the pool plumbing from pool to equipment (PVC connections). If using a gas heater, you’ll also need a licensed gas fitter to connect gas.

Can I install my pool at any level?

Yes, our pools are structurally engineered for installation at any level, including fully above ground, partially in the ground, or flush with grade.

Can Soake® recommend installers in my area?

Yes, in many areas we have preferred installers and people we’ve worked with before. If we haven’t worked in your area before, we are always excited about meeting new potential installers and will work with them to provide all the information necessary for a smooth installation.

More questions? Please contact us and we'll be glad to answer any other questions you have.