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5 Reasons to Buy a Precast Concrete Plunge Pool

photo of concrete plunge pool installed in Massachusetts
photo of concrete plunge pool installed in Massachusetts
Aerial photo of stunning Soake Pool in New England

Have you been thinking about a plunge pool for a while now but you still can’t decide if you should “take the plunge”? Here are five reasons why you might want to consider jumping in!

  • Year-round use: The small size of a plunge is a major advantage when it comes to using your plunge pool all year long. Even the largest Soake Plunge Pool (7’x13’) holds only 3200 gallons of water. That’s about 90% less water than the amount used in a traditional large pool. The smaller volume is easy to heat and is extremely efficient. Soake Pools offers three covers, all of which insulate the pool to keep the heat in during the cold months, and conversely the covers help keep the heat out in the hot weather.  There’s nothing quite like watching the stars on a clear quiet winter night, wherever in the U.S. you happen to be! Whether that’s New England or California, your sky view is sure to be spectacular.
  • Leave more space in your yard for other uses: A small pool doesn’t take up much space, as the name suggests! No matter what size your yard is, you’ll have more room for a patio, fire pit, or just wide open grassy spaces. A small city courtyard or an expansive country backyard both benefit from the space-savings of a plunge pool.
  • Time savings: Soake Pools makes precast concrete plunge pools. When the pool is delivered to your yard, it is completely finished on the inside. All of the interior surfaces are tiled in an elegant large format porcelain tile, the fittings are installed, and your pool is ready for a quick easy installation. The potential time savings is 6-12 weeks (or more) over that of a traditional gunite pool built on site. You’ll be enjoying your first plunge sooner!
  • Easy maintenance: All pools require attention to water quality, but a smaller volume of water is much easier to manage than a large volume. The lockable cover can be used all year round if desired, and the cover keeps pollen, leaves and other debris out of the water. Every Soake Pool comes with a state-of-the-art Jandy equipment system with full automation. Many customers opt for a pool service company to maintain their water quality, while others prefer to monitor the chemistry themselves. Soake Pools has a friendly and knowledgeable support team who can talk with you about the best plan for you.
  • Timeless Elegance: Plunge pools date back to the Romans. They were hip then and they are hip now. Concrete and porcelain tile blend seamlessly with any surrounding landscape and offer much versatility in terms of how they are installed (flush or raised). Landscape architects and designers create amazing designs around the exterior “canvas” of a Soake Pool. We are always excited to see those finished project photos and hear from our customers about their own plunge pool enjoyment!


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