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The Plunge Pool Revolution Continues to Gain Momentum

The Plunge Pool Revolution Continues to Gain Momentum; Why are Small Pools Suddenly so Popular? 

We love this question. For years, plunge pools have been gaining momentum across the United States. Also known as spools, splash pools, cocktail pools or small pools, plunge pools are finally getting the attention they deserve! Why is that?

Plunge Pools are not a new concept. They date back to the European countryside as far back as the 1500s and even back to Roman times. Plunge pools ranged from naturally formed deep bodies of water to man-made deep swimming vessels. What is a relatively new concept is pre-casting plunge pools from concrete and delivering them in one piece, ready to install.

Karen Larson, Co-Founder and president of Soake Pools says “Just like the tiny house movement, Americans are slow to adopt change, especially when it involves making something smaller instead of bigger. Small houses are no longer a novelty but rather, are more the norm now compared to the the giant Mc-Mansions we saw in the 90s. Pools are following suit in terms of size trends.”  Soake Pools has been manufacturing precast concrete plunge pools with an unwavering attention to detail since 2015 and delivering them nationwide.

The American public seems to finally be ready for a smaller pool concept and has wholeheartedly embraced the concept with huge growth in sales and deliveries for many manufacturers of plunge pools all across the US. What does that mean for the small pool revolution? Consumers across the country can expect to see more options coming to the market in many different materials including concrete, fiberglass, vinyl and custom built.

If you are in the market for a plunge pool, how will you decide what type is best for you? Consider your aesthetic preference, your budget and whether you want to use your pool year-round or not, and start there! We are always happy to help guide this process!

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