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Energy Efficient Plunge Pools

Backyard Pool Photo

Backyard Pool Photo

You love the idea of an inground pool, but you’re wary of the chemical exposure, environmental aesthetics — and the cost.

Why not consider a greener option: a plunge pool. A plunge pool is a small body of water for you to plunge into year round. In hot weather you can cool off, and in cold weather you can bask in therapeutic hot salt water. Energy efficient features include:

  • Lower costs. Plunge pools are larger than traditional hot tubs but smaller than most inground pools. This smaller size reduces water requirements. The smaller surface (and ease of covering) also reduces evaporative water losses and the need for water refilling.
  • Energy efficient. Plunge pools have a small volume of water, which can be heated or cooled more quickly than a full-sized swimming pool. Equipment is simple, easy to hook up, and engineered to run at maximum efficiency. In a climate without seasonal freezing, you may not even need a heating element.
  • Easier maintenance. Plunge pools are less expensive to maintain throughout the year, since salt is significantly less expensive than the commercial chlorines. Pools are filled with fresh water (from the garden hose), salt is added to the water, and a salt water filtration system takes care of the rest.
  • Space savers. Plunge pools are a great option for newer homes on smaller lots.
  • They can fit in courtyards, in small gardens, on decking — even inside the home.
  • Blends with nature. Plunge pools blend in with the natural landscape due to earthy finishes inside and out. It is delivered ready to install into its prepared site (no forms and concrete) and your landscaper can help you create the perfect setting.

For more information about plunge pools and their energy efficient features, contact us. Soake Pools provides semi-custom, personal luxury, salt-water plunge pools to homeowners, businesses and organizations coast to coast.

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