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What is a Plunge Pool?

You’ve heard of a plunge pool but you aren’t quite sure what it is. Is it deep? Is it cold? Is it a swim spa? Is it a dipping pool? By definition, a plunge pool is 1) a deep basin excavated at the foot of a waterfall by the action of the falling water, or… Read more »

Pools Lights on Summer Nights

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Humans are drawn to light at night, whether it be out of necessity to see or for ambiance. Throughout the ages, nighttime gatherings have made use of light. From winter luminaries at solstice gatherings to torches around tribal circles to fireworks on the 4th of July, people have made light an integral part of their… Read more »

Why Should You Buy a Plunge Pool?

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There are so many reasons to buy a plunge pool! Here are just a few… Plunge pools enhance the aesthetics of your backyard living space by blending in with your natural surroundings. You can customize the exterior to make a bold statement or blend in unassumingly. Their small size allows for much versatility in placement… Read more »

Energy Efficient Plunge Pools

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You love the idea of an inground pool, but you’re wary of the chemical exposure, environmental aesthetics — and the cost. Why not consider a greener option: a plunge pool. A plunge pool is a small body of water for you to plunge into year round. In hot weather you can cool off, and in… Read more »

The spa experience of a plunge pool

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In nature, a plunge pool is a pool of water at the base of a waterfall. It is formed by the “plunging” of water, creating a natural plunge basin. From the Chinese to the Greeks to the Romans to the British in the 18th century, this feature in nature was often used to promote health.